About StoryCycle

We believe the story completes its Cycle once it travels back to the source either in form of media or direct attention on the issue. Hence, our focus is on creating and facilitation this impact focused Cycle, aka StoryCycle.

Our Mission

At Story Cycle, we care for stories. Stories from all walks of life. Stories behind brands, stories behind arts and artisans. Stories behind sustainable community development. Stories behind advocacy for a better world. Name it and we are there. Our only goal is to motivate the storyteller in you to tell your story to the world.

We aspire to be one of the leading storytelling platforms in the world, starting with South Asia. We aim to collect, curate and tell the stories from remotest rural parts of the South catering to the audience from this part of the world to the North. We hope our stories provide two cents to lessen the North-South divide.You have the story.We have the tools and techniques.

Together let’s tell the world the untold stories of unsung heroes from unheard places.

Our purpose is to create and promote a positive social movement by involving all societal forces in discovering their own strengths, envisioning positive future, architecting pathways and getting their commitment towards building a peaceful, just and prosperous Nepal and world.

Our Area of Focus


Participatory Storytelling & Digital Mapping

Capacity building of local and government actors with digital tools to build a strong online presence.

Sustainable Environment & Urban Mobility

promote sustainable lifestyles at an individual level and encourages Sustainable practices at Institutional Level.

Knowledge Management, Digital Tools & Technologies

Multimedia storytelling, dissemination of knowledge management through digital technologies.

There's a reason we
have amazing
clients and Partners.

We have worked with certain clients for a long period of time able to create a real positive changes and many thanks to all who support and believe in what we are doing.

Our History

Since the establishment, We  organized Story Camp, Mapup Camp and we have also organized events, interaction programs and screening of stories in order to promote storytelling and identifying the contemporary issues as well as facilitating knowledge sharing.


In Our Hands

Unique platform for youth entrepreneurs interested in developing enterprise that champion Nepal’s natural and cultural heritage.


Green Solutions

Support the development of new, exciting, and innovative ideas for sustainable enterprise which will harness nature-based solutions.


Plantation Toolkit

Series of Plantation events across Nepal and development of toolkit as a guide for effective plantation in urban areas.


Virtual Heritage Tour

The pandemic made us transition our Heritage tours into 1 hour episodes.


Women of the World

Participated and showcased curated stories from the youth of Janakpur and Birgunj.


Heritage Walk, Bagmati Promenade

Series of walking tours were led by experts under specific themes such as Governance, Iconography, Architecture, Philosophy, Storytelling, Water System and Environment.


Our Dream City

Campaign that focuses on empowering local youth and communities to take active part in designing and making their places vibrant by using technology.


Ride Through Sindhuligadhi

First ever cycling event from Kathmandu to Sindhuli Gadhi to promote tourism and heritage.


Build Camp Nepal

StoryCycle helped rebuild villages devastated by Nepal Earthquake through storytelling.


Map Up Camp

First Map-up Camp with support from Google Earth Outreach.


Thematic Camp

First Thematic Camp with support from SNV.


Great Himalayan Trail

Saurav Dhakal completed 99 day walk; The Great Himalaya Trail (GHT). He has numerous stories about people and their changing livelihoods.


Story Camp

Our First storycamp with support from US Embassy.


Online Platform

Launched the online platform storycycle.com to curate stories



StoryCycle incubated at Nepal Infopark.


Backpack Journalism

Coffee meetup to organize grab your equipment, visit and write about a place


Established Nepal Info Park

Kathmandu-based audiovisual production company was formed to produce various kinds of videos including research videos, training videos, informational videos, for clients in development and corporate sectors.

Our Team

We are a team of creative individuals from diverse fields with shared values to create a meaningful changes to a place, people and product.

Media practitioner, experienced in visual media. British Council Climate Champion, travelled 1555 km across the Great Himalayas.

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Saurav Dhakal

Founder & Curator

Management expert, Involved in startup incubations, training organizations and sustainable business.

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Deepika Gyawali

Director, Finance

A highly enthusiastic, self-motivated professional forester, with over 16 years experience in mentioned field.

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Pashupati Nath Koirala

Director, Climate Change

Deepak Shrestha

Director, Heritage

Involved as an HR manager, experienced in program management and interested in socio-environmental roles.

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Samita Kapali

Director, Human Resource

Translates a variety of documents ensuring translated texts conveys the original meaning and tone.

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Dilli Rai

Director, Linguistic

Creative Designer, passionate about designing especially typography design, web design and development.

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Prijun Koirala

Creative Director

Nepal author for Global Voices, spearheading the GV Nepali Lingua, brands and communications specialist.

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Sanjib Chaudhary

Branding & Storyteller

Deepesh Raj Sharma

Heritage Campaigner

With lifelong passion of Cycling, he has organized many charitable events in education and environment sector.

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Devendra Basnyat

SUMP Campaigner

Srijana Sharma

Legal Advisor

Computer Engineer with a decade long experience. Passionate about Linguistics and Natural Language Processing.

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Saroj Dhakal

Technology Expert

Man behind the camera, involved in assembling recorded footages into a finished project matching the director's vision.

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Badal Gyawali

Production Designer

Nischal Pokharel

Tech Support

Buddhibal Magarati

Team Member

Neela Dongol

Team Member

Mira Lamichhane

Team Member

Sushil Mainali

Team Member

Sunil Acharya

Team Member

Sagar Koirala

Team Member

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