In Our Hands - Call for Participants

In Our Hands is part of the British Council’s Culture Responds global programme that offers a unique platform for youth entrepreneurs interested in developing enterprise that champion Nepal’s natural and cultural heritage.

The programme is delivered through a mix of digital (primary) and physical events. It starts in late September with three phases lasting up to early 2024 (see timeline below). We will be providing up to 10 research grants and 6 development grants during this period to support deserving ideas but all participants are welcome to complete the full programme on their own without the grant support.

Participants will learn from Nepali and UK experts/mentors and benefit through interactive sessions, self-learning and a multi-disciplinary curriculum which prioritises experiential learning and field work. So, participants can fully articulate their vision for a greener, more equal society through the transformative potential of arts and culture. This year, participants who successfully complete their placements and grant (or research and development) outputs are eligible to receive certificates and credits from Kathmandu University.

Past Grantees - 2021

Have a look at the people and the organisations we are working with for 'In Our Hands'.

Past Grantees - 2022

Have a look at the people and the organisations we are working with for 'In Our Hands'.

What to expect? Participant journey starts with the Craft Toolkit, an online platform to help you document and progress your business idea. You will be using the Quintuple Bottomline framework (People, Planet, Profit, Purpose, Place) to articulate your plans which are then presented to a panel to be selected for research grants.

In the research phase, participants will explore their supply chain, understand material innovation and review external contexts that may impact business outcomes. A residential workshop will conclude the research phase with six development grants awarded to select projects. The final section of the programme focuses on piloting, brand and value proposition, audience and markets so that your initial business plans are updated for market entry and growth. IOH will conclude with showcase events where development grantees and others will be able to present their outputs to sector leaders, stakeholders and the public.

Applying is easy. Please start by reviewing the Open Call page for the programme, you can then download the Application Guide which has been prepared to answer any questions you may have about this opportunity. The Guide also includes a link to the application form. If you wish to apply in Nepali, the entire call and the form is available in Nepali as well.

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The deadline to apply is 11:59 PM on 15 September 2023.

In Our Hands is British Council’s Culture Responds programme that support youth entrepreneurs working at the intersections of Nepal’s cultural and natural heritage. It is delivered by an international consortium of partners/experts including Kathmandu University, Nepal Art Village, Story Cycle in Nepal and Applied Arts Scotland and Creative Informatics Lab, Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland. It is support of the National Innovation Centre Nepal. This call is part of the third iteration of the programme.