Participatory Storytelling & Mapping

With the increasing usages of the internet, people are involved in bringing their local place of interest and businesses on map, thus increasing the digital footprint of a place. We collect, curate and share unique narratives from different genres through series of activities to the local citizens and youth leaders to develop and promote locations and bring it to the global scale.

Storytelling has existed since the dawn of human history, old fables, folktales and travelling storyteller have been contributing to art of storytelling.

Modern media have provided the bigger audience, better presentation and innovative storytelling medium than ever. We take following as core method in our storytelling.

Multimedia Storytelling utilizing better photo, interesting visuals and informative write ups.

GeoLocation plays major role in stories and adds context, helps better understand the issue and assess the impact of the issue.

We follow Appreciative Inquiry approach in finding out and presenting the stories. We believe good examples can motivate us to be better and do our best.

Our Approach


StoryCamp is a training program with constructivism approach focusing on innovation, collection and presentation of multimedia stories targeted to next generation of storytellers.

Our Approach

Map Up

Map Up Camps is digital mapping specific training where participants learn about usages of digital mapping tools from Google, storytelling with Maps and adding local business and places of importance in map.


Here are some of the project and campaigns we have undertaken under Storytelling and Mapping.

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