Weekly Local Market 

Haat bazar is a type of local market or fair that is commonly found in rural areas of South Asia, particularly in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal. The word "haat" means market in many South Asian languages.In case of Nepal, haat are very common in terai region compared to hilly and mountain regions. Nowadays we are trying our best to promote local farmers and vendors who can’t afford expensive farmer’s markets, helping the local market to grow with the help of haat bazar.

Currently there are 3 haat bazaars which we have initiated, and have promoted making it reachable and increasing the flow of customers helping local farmers to connect with customers directly.

Bhanimandal haat (Tuesday) 

The Bhanimandal market is the closest representation of a traditional haat bazaar. The bazaar is held at the neighbourhood basketball court.
Contact: 9851213688
Opening hours: 2pm to 6pm on Tuesdays
Parking: Available but limited
Famous for: Fresh vegetables and Newa food
Map Points : Click here

Korean Restaurant Haat

Korean Restaurant Haat: At Korean Restaurant, with around 15 stalls combining vendors and farmers.
Opening hours: 2pm to 6pm on Saturday
Parking: Available
Map Points: Click Here